We are releasing webinars across Scotland to help businesses through COVID-19. Search below for what is running in your region. Don’t see what you are looking for? Look at the Online Tutorial section for pre-recorded versions.

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Bookkeeping & TaxFinanceStarting Up

This workshop aims to give an introduction to the role of finance in business.

Starting UpAdvertising & Marketing

This webinar is for Individuals and Businesses based in Aberdeen City & Shire

HR & Employing PeopleCOVID-19

These one to one virtual meetings are an opportunity for employers to talk and learn from an HR expert.

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Bookkeeping & Tax

Find out what allowable business expenses are and how to work out your tax allowances.

Bookkeeping & TaxGrowing your business

This webinar is for Individuals and Businesses based in Aberdeen City & Shire.

Digital MarketingAdvertising & MarketingSales

This webinar will help you create a realistic marketing plan. It is designed to improve how you market your business and increase sales.

Digital Marketing

A hands on practical session for people who are ready to set up their new website and want to use WordPress to do so. We will work you through the actions required.

Business DevelopmentGrowing your businessPR & CommunicationsCOVID-19

Build an effective strategy to deliver great customer service with this webinar. It will cover the critical points to consider when thinking about how your business interacts with its customers.

E-commerceStarting UpGrowing your businessSales

Join us for this session where we share with you the secrets of Shopify - the world's largest and most popular e-commerce platform. If you have something amazing to sell, sell it online.

Digital MarketingBusiness DevelopmentGrowing your businessSocial MediaAdvertising & MarketingCOVID-19

Join us to learn about the importance of building a strong brand for your business, and find out how to create promotional graphics on a limited budget and with little/no experience.

A practical online session where delegates will be guided, step by step, through the process of improving the effectiveness of their existing business account on Facebook.

Digital MarketingSocial MediaAdvertising & MarketingCOVID-19

Learn how to produce quality content to develop customer relationships and build your business.

Business DevelopmentGrowing your businessAdvertising & Marketing

Learn what influencer marketing is and how you can effectively use it to grow your customer base.

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Digital MarketingAdvertising & MarketingSales

This course aims to improve your selling skills, thereby increasing sales.

Starting Up

This webinar aims to make you aware of the various requirements involved in setting up a business.


ED-Netday meets on the first Thursday of the month, between 9.30am – 10.30am.

Digital MarketingE-commerce

This workshop should teach you to use the techniques and processes which help more people visit your website and other digital presence, to gain more customers.

Digital MarketingE-commerceSocial MediaI.T.

From Facebook Insights to Twitter Analytics, this webinar will show you how to access each platforms metrics and reporting, and how to use them to improve the potential of your social media.

Bookkeeping & TaxFinanceBusiness DevelopmentStarting UpCOVID-19

This webinar will help you create a profit and loss account, increase bookkeeping skills and more.

Digital MarketingAdvertising & Marketing

This webinar will simplify all the ‘tech talk’ and show you which types of ‘Keywords’ you should use and when, to really maximise your Search Engine Optimisation efforts