Online Photography for Small Businesses

This workshop will help you get the most out of your smartphone or compact camera to take quality shots for your company website, social media pages or newsletters.

What to expect from this event

You don't need an expensive camera to produce sharp and engaging photos that promote your business online, you just need to know what you're doing with the camera you've got. To improve the quality of the pictures you take on your smartphone, you will learn the key elements professional photographers consider when creating an image, such as shot composition, focus, light and vantage point.

You will learn about the best camera apps for giving you manual control over exposure, white balance and shutter speed, thus allowing you to change the look of the photo before you take it. You will also learn how to alter the look of your photos in post-production using editing apps to adjust colour, contrast and add graphics, making it perfect before you share it online.

We will also include an overviewing of sources of stock and royalty free photography such as, pixabay,com and and outline how participants could create graphics, and infographics rather than 'real life' photography. The key points of the law of copyright as it applies to photography and images will also be covered.

Finally, you need to know what types of photography will work for your business. We will look at different styles and possible subjects for your photography from cooperate to product shots for photographs which tell a story.

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Essential Info

22nd October 2019

09:30 - 12:30

Business Gateway Office (Kilmarnock)
Ingram Enterprise Centre, 30 John Finnie Street
East Ayrshire


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