Marketing Your Business

This workshop will give delegates a practical understanding of the principles of marketing and give them the confidence to adopt these principles to improve their businesses

What to expect from this event


  • Explain what marketing and the market are... and what they are not
  • Identifying what customers need and want
  • Who is your competition and how to side-step them
  • Producing forecasts for your business
  • Explore and agree what type of marketing is best for you
  • Decide how much you should be spending on marketing
  • Tools to help you decide where to focus your marketing effort
  • How to price your product or service
  • What are you going to say to your market - and how are you going to say it
  • Where branding fits with all this.

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Essential Info

14th November 2019

09:30 - 12:30

Train Shetland
North Gremista Industrial Estate


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