Growth Mindset: Grow your business and fulfil your potential with the right frame of mind

The Business Gateway team is delighted to invite you to our Growth Mindset masterclass, targeted at business owners who are seeking to maximise their full potential.

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What to expect from this event

Mindset is a buzzword in many sectors and can often be found in company mission statements. However, individuals tend to have a limited understanding of the concept.

Those with a growth mindset believe they can expand on their talents through hard work, efficient strategies and input from others. In contrast, someone with a fixed mindset believes their intelligence and talents are fixed traits. This workshop aims to explore the different mindsets that exist in organisations as well as common misconceptions.

Jamie McBrearty, Director of Growth Mindset and Youth Academy Coach at Dundee Football Club, will deliver the workshop.

Jamie has a wealth of experience in developing growth mindset culture in business, education, communities and sport. His knowledge will provide attendees with the correct tools, methods and techniques to implement a growth mindset culture and how to lead organisational change.

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19th September 2019

10:00 - 13:00

Business Gateway Dundee
Units 27 & 28 City Quay
Camperdown Street


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