DigitalBoost Coaching Session: How to set up an email Marketing Campaign

This coaching session is for Individuals and Businesses based in Lanarkshire. *Please read the full description.

What to expect from this webinar

The session will cover the principles of email marketing, reviewing common goals for email marketing and examining examples of best practice. The session will review popular email marketing tools, but will focus on practical demonstrations of how to create email templates and setup campaigns on the MailChimp platform. The session will also look at how to measure and evaluate the performance of email campaigns using both MailChimp metrics and Google Analytics.

Session Outline:

  • Review the role for email marketing in the digital marketing mix
  • Review core concepts in email marketing
    • Explore key paid-for advertising planning concepts
      • Common goals for email marketing
      • Audience segmentation
      • Creative best practice (copy, CTAs, etc.)
  • Practical Demo – MailChimp
    • Data-capture forms
    • Audience lists and tagging
    • Setting up email templates
    • Creating campaigns
  • Evaluation – Platform Metrics & Google Analytics
  • How to evaluate email marketing performance
    • The role of landing pages
    • Using Google Analytics tracking code
    • Review of popular email marketing tools
  • An introduction to automation

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Essential Info

27th January 2022

09:30 - 12:30



Digital Marketing.


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