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Conducting a Digital Competitor Analysis

This webinar provides you with an understanding of digital competitor analysis and why and how to use one using a range of free tools to help you understand and compare.

What to expect from this webinar

In the connected digital world, your competitors are literally one click away. Make no mistake that your customers of the future will click that link and compare how you shape up.

Understanding your competitors is vital in helping you position your own business. The traditional SWOT analysis has helped form marketing strategies for decades, but to truly stand out in today's digital market, you need to dig deeper into the digital footprint of your direct and in-direct competitors, knowing where you excel, but also where you fall flat.

From the design of their websites, to how they rank in Google. From the social platforms they invest in, to what they actually say on them. Your competitors' ratings and reviews impact YOU, and knowing what their customers say about them is an opportunity to improve your own business.

This brand new 2.5 hour webinar aims to provide you with an understanding as to why a digital competitor analysis is vital for your own organisation, and how to go about conducting one, using a range of free tools and techniques to truly help you understand how you compare.

This session will be delivered by Gary Ennis from NSDesign. It'll be fun, fast and furious, and leave you with practical advice to implement straight away.

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30th November 2022

10:00 - 13:00




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