Build Your Own Website Part 1 (Rural South Ayrshire Programme)

Introducing WordPress - one of the most popular web building systems used on millions of sites across the world. This work shop will be delivered over 2 half days.

What to expect from this event

We'll begin this session with brief outline of some of the basic components of a business website. What pages do you need to create, what messages do you want to tell, what is the purpose of your website?

You'll learn how to create a WordPress account, choose a theme (a design), create some basic web pages, and be introduced to Blogging!

At the end of this first session, you'll be sent away to do some homework, bringing back some actual content to be used in Part 2!

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Essential Info

12th November 2019

17:00 - 20:00

Malin Court Hotel
Malin Court
South Ayrshire
KA26 9PB


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