Glasgow technology business motivated to make recruiting easier


Kenny Maclean created a new app designed to help people working in healthcare quicker access to jobs and extra shifts. Here, he shares his story.

Who are you? Kenny Maclean

What does your business do? My business Motovate has designed an app called Healthcare Jobs which is designed to improve efficiency and lower costs within the health and care sector. Using our Healthcare Jobs app, hospitals, clinics and surgeries have a real time visibility and location of health and care professionals who are available to work extra shifts or are available in an emergency. The app uses location features meaning providers can search and connect with registered workers who fit their specific needs. It also allows people looking for a new job or offering to work extra shifts an easier way to find opportunities. We’re currently in talks with the Scottish Government and we’re planning on launching in the USA as we’ve had positive feedback from providers there.

Where are you based? Glasgow

How did you get started? This idea actually came to me about 15 years ago while I was running my own driving school. I thought there must be an easier way for employers to connect with potential employees. Once smartphone technology improved I decided to revisit my idea and after speaking to my business partner who is a tech specialist, we decided to give it a go. It made sense to use this concept on the healthcare sector initially, as it’s an industry under pressure and needing to lower costs.

What is your background? As well as running a driving school, I’ve worked in various businesses.

What is your top business tip? Never get emotionally attached to your business idea. You have to be prepared to walk away and lose money if your idea doesn't work.

How long has your business been running? The app was made available to download earlier this year.

Has anyone helped you get started and how? Business Gateway Glasgow have been a great help especially when it came to start-up support. Mainly the advice was focused on business planning and marketing. My adviser was also really informed about potential funding avenues we could pursue.

What was your first deal? We are currently in discussions with ScottishCare.

What was your biggest mistake/or what would you do differently? Previously I got involved in a business sector that I had no experience in and it didn’t work out. Now, I make sure I have extensive knowledge and have undertaken research on any industry I’ll be working with.

Who was/is your mentor/or inspiration? Nikola Tesla has been a hero and inspiration for me for a long time.

Where do you plan your business to be in five years’ time? The great thing about the app is that we now have the platform in place which can be easily tailored to any sector that is under pressure to find people who want to work. We’re in discussions with the Croatian Tourism board and we’re also planning to target transport and haulage companies. So ideally in future we’ll have our app used in various sectors across the world.

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