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Moving from Glasgow to Thornton, Fife, provided 25-year-old Kellyann Fitzpatrick with the opportunity to offer her wedding photography and specialist newborn photography service to couples and parents living across the region. The photographer, a member of the Baby and Newborn Photography Association, has captured images of over 100 newborn babies since starting up in business in 2013.  

What does your business do? My business provides clients with beautiful pictures captured at the biggest events in their lives. As a mobile photographer covering central Scotland, I can visit clients in their own homes or at venues of their choosing. I specialise in newborn and wedding photography and offer each client a five-star customer experience. I also provide clients with a stunning range of products including albums and frames made from all around the world. 

How and why did you start in business? I started my business because I always wanted to be my own boss and I wanted to create something from scratch that I could call my own. As cheesy as it sounds, I genuinely just want to make people smile and when I give parents photographs of their newborn baby or a couple an album from their wedding day the joy on their face is priceless to me. 

How did you get to where you are today? By pushing myself, doing lots or research, and sheer determination to succeed. 

Who has helped you along the way? I have had a lot of emotional support from my partner and my family. Running your own business can be challenging so having a support system behind me helps keep me grounded. I have gained a lot of support and advice from Business Gateway Fife. The free workshops gave me an insight into what areas I had to focus on to get my business out there and why networking is so important. It has also been good to know there is someone who will support your business and who is there to offer advice when needed. Business Gateway has also given me funding as has The Princes Trust which helped me buy resources and grow my business. I also had a fantastic mentor at the Princes Trust who really believed in me which made me even more determined to make her proud.

What was your biggest mistake? My biggest mistake is not starting sooner. I wish I had known what I wanted to be straight after leaving school.

What is your greatest achievement to date? Being a business owner is an achievement in itself, however, I have won several awards for my newborn photography which is very exciting. I recently was asked to return to my college as an inspirational speaker, which was such an honour. I got to speak to new student photographers and give them advice and shared my journey, from studying photography to running a photography business full-time. 

What do you hope to achieve in the future? In the future, I want to own a big home studio so I can make the whole customer experience even more personal. This would also give me space to showcase my work alongside my website where people can see examples of the some of the moments I have captured. I also want to continue to train and perfect my craft so I can provide my future clients with the best portraits. 

Do you want to recruit in the future? I am still undecided. Photography is very personal. People choose a photographer to work with because they like their style and approach and get on with them. I always want to remain the face of the business but I may get an assistant one day! 

What is the hardest thing about running your own business? The hardest thing is running it alone. When you are a sole trader and are in charge of every aspect of your business sometimes it gets a little lonely.

Any advice to wannabe entrepreneurs? Jump first, fear later. I believe anyone is capable of starting their own business. I came from a deprived area in Glasgow where there was not a lot of opportunity on my doorstep. However, my ambition to succeed made me search for opportunities and believe that anything was possible. I would also recommend talking to Business Gateway Fife and the Princes Trust about your business idea. They have both been a great help to me and it is good to know there are people out there, who aren’t family or friends, who will get behind you and support you. 

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